Last Days of Pompeii - Vol. I

Steve Hanson


Manchester. An hourly paid lecturer in a university art school writes fiction and poetry. He steals tea bags, screws and other useful items to get by. As he struggles with tiredness, depression and the quality of his writing output, he experiences nightmares about his past in a small town. He begins to write these down. A big moment blisters up, in which he sees the brutal cycles of life, and the catastrophic future in the present.

Last Days of Pompeii skewers contemporary English life with a satire and a serious warning about our state of complacency.


"'...there's a kind of an amazing dark lyricism in this book... the university itself just becomes a kind of metonym of that fucking absolute madness that we are now living through the UK." -- Carl Lavery

"This goes nowhere you'd expect, but incisively gets under the skin of the times we live in. Humorous, horrifying, compelling." -- Adam Paxman

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ISBN 978-1-7397708-2-2

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